Neglected Ornaments


'How do people implement their self-imposed aspiration to be contemporary – to act within their time – how do they reflect their own occupation, their position and the now? What are the manifestations and the materializations of our time? The Superprojekt is a provisional stage in Depot Basel on which the question ‘What is contemporary?’ is addressed and discussed by different means: Written, filmed, spoken and physical material as well as actions, explicit and subtle input reflect the personal (and subjective) positions of the contributors.'

Superprojekt, Depot Basel

words: DepotBasel

foto: G.M





Form Follows Form is furniture workshop exploration project that challenges traditional modes of volume production through the design of a 'finished' object that simultaneously functions as a jig for it's own manufacture, engaging the viewer to reconsider the object, the process of making and the potential of its specific simplicity.

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all pictures by guerrerofont, unless otherwise stated.




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QV Room


Refurbishment of a guest room for a residential maison in Girona,Spain. Design and build of a three meters library with an integrated access to the second floor (lather access). Two side tables were made to accomplish the room mood. Accurate structural beech joinery with a frontal melamine finish that merges the piece and the  wall, while revealing the internal wooden structure. Melamine shelves.





Numbers Wooden collection design and manufacturing. The dedication into making specific jig to create the simple looking but elaborated joints, explores the importance of thinking and designing through the making. The reusable jig makes this chair a relatively straightforward chair to make.

foto: P.K

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Corian containers


A series of corian containers for the domestic environment. The ornamental "solid-melted" resemblance makes each piece unique.



Him Table


Re-interpretation of the classic table quatour by Carlo Scarpa circa 1950.



On Time


Swiss Embassy exhibition design commissioned for the unveiling of the Mondaine Swiss Railway Clock SBB. The project was a collaboration between Camberwell College of Arts and Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK (Zurich University of Arts). The geometric display depicted an internal gear mechanism to animate the dialogue between both school works. Shown at Borough Market and Southwark Council, London.



Handmade Precision


Man-made precision hand- tool set. Adaptable marks and signs to turn your hands into a rather precise measurement utensils. Set composed by ruler, calliper and circumference ruler.



Affice chair


Two part adjustable wooden office chair on wheels. Plain functional piece of furniture with two additional adjusting variables for users desirable comfort. Straight lines, flat surfaces and tangential ash joinery.




FFF 2.0


'A jig is a custom-made tool used to control the location and motion of material. Its primary purpose is to provide repeatability, accuracy, and inter-changeability in the manufacturing of products. In this project, the resolute purpose of a jig as a one-off object is weighed against the endless number of product types it can produce. By inverting the traditional value of a tool, Santi encourages the viewer to reconsider the importance of objects and the tools of their production. 'Form Follows Form' challenges the traditional modes of production by positioning the jig as a 'finished' object, while simultaneously functioning as a guide for its own manufacture.'

words :Mariah Nielson

foto: J.M